If you’d like to get to know me better, here is what I’ve been doing so far and
basically what I’m interested in.

Workshops in schools:

I’ve been to school for workshops and to talk to the pupils directly about environmental issues. Here you may find a case study of one of many workshops I’ve done in the past


In the past 10 years since I first landed in Earth I’ve contributed to many campaigns, including Earth Hour, Earth Day, World Environment Day, Water Day, Vegetarian Day, Peace One Day, Animal Day and many more…

Activity Books:

I do like to entertain children while I tell them a bit about the environment, showing them, through playing, how they can become eco-warrior. Therefore I have some activity books around environmental subjects such as Water, Energy, Waste etc. with puzzles, mazes, dot to dots and other activities designed to educate children about that subject while they’re playing. You can download these activity books for free here